Sustainable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Conference

Furute Event • 6th November 2024 • 8th November 2024 • Berlin, Germany

We are delighted to invite you and your colleagues to our upcoming “Sustainable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Conference" set to take place on the 6th – 8th November 2024 in Berlin Germany!

Upcoming conference will gather in Berlin up to 100 high-level executives from the top companies from the industry. Besides main presentation sessions closed-door business conference will be packed with networking coffee breaks, business networking lunches, dinner, cocktail reception (get together meeting): tie-off atmosphere for all our participants with a great opportunity to discuss the presentations of the first day of the conference, share their opinions and discuss current and upcoming challenges in the industry with their fellow industry colleagues.

Conference will include 20+ innovative presentation sessions from well-known and highly experienced speaking partners and cover a wide spectrum of topics: starting from the regulatory updates, the latest innovations in the industry, technological research, modern manufacturing processes and trends in Sustainability in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging which can help to all participants with current and future challenges and to show how to develop the proactive approach.

Do not miss the chance to meet high-level representatives and have a clear vision of the profound transformations to come, made possible by the massive growth of the sustainable pharmaceutical processes in industry nowadays.

We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to the conference on the 6th – 8th November 2024 in Berlin Germany.

Who Should Attend:

This conference will gather together: CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs, SVPs, VPs, Directors, Global Heads, Heads, Managers, Team Leaders, Specialists, Strategists, Planners and Officers of the following divisions:

  • Clinical Trial Managers: Professionals interested in conducting greener clinical trials
  • Environmental Consultants: Experts advising on best practices for sustainability
  • Healthcare Providers: Those interested in patient-centered sustainable healthcare
  • Policy Makers and Regulators: Individuals involved in shaping and enforcing sustainability policies
  • Academics and Researchers: Scholars researching sustainability in the pharma industry
  • NGOs and Advocacy Groups: Organizations advocating for environmental sustainability in healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Executives: Decision-makers looking to implement sustainable practices
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Managers: Professionals responsible for sourcing, procurement, and distribution
  • Packaging Designers and Engineers: Experts involved in developing eco-friendly packaging solutions
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialists: Individuals ensuring compliance with environmental regulations
  • R&D Scientists and Engineers: Innovators focusing on sustainable drug development and delivery
  • Sustainability Officers: Leaders driving sustainability initiatives within organizations

Key Practical Points:

  • Green Chemistry Innovations
  • Integration of environmentally friendly principles in drug development
  • Sustainable raw material sourcing
  • Reducing carbon footprints in production and distribution
  • Case studies of successful carbon-neutral initiatives
  • Ethical sourcing and fair trade practices
  • Recycling and reusing materials to minimize waste
  • Biodegradable and plant-based packaging solutions
  • Reducing reliance on plastic
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Strategies to minimize packaging waste
  • Navigating environmental standards and regulations
  • Reducing emissions and waste in manufacturing

  • Sustainable practices in pharmaceutical production
  • Using smart technology to track and manage packaging
  • Enhancing supply chain transparency
  • Influence of sustainability on purchasing decisions
  • Strategies to align packaging with consumer expectations
  • Innovations in green logistics
  • Sustainable approaches to drug delivery
  • Real-world examples of successful sustainable packaging
  • Zero-waste programs in pharmaceutical production
  • Best practices for water conservation
  • Implementing energy-efficient practices
  • Mitigating the impact of pharmaceutical waste

Benefits for Our Attendees:

  • By attending our conference you will get an access to a new solutions for your business development
  • Conduct face-to-face business meetings with decision makers to initiate new business projects
  • You will have an opportunity to discuss industry challenges and keynote speaker presentations during speed networking breaks, coffee breaks, business lunches, and cocktail reception
  • Make a business contact with a top leader experts and solution providers to solve most of business challenges
  • You will get full access to all event’s presentations and conference materials