Power Outage Management Conference for Distribution System Operators

Future Event • 24th November 2022 • 25th November 2022 • Berlin, Germany

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming ‘’Power Outage Management Conference for Distribution System Operators’’ to be held in Berlin, Germany on the 24th – 25th of November 2022.

Power Outage Management Conference for Distribution System Operators will give you an overview how to best prepare for an unplanned outages, because the number of power Blackout is extremely rising in Europe and it is expected to increase even more due to aging components in networks, cyberattacks, third party damage, extreme weather events and increased integration of renewable energy.

Power distribution market is competitive where end-users if they are not happy with quality of service provided can change electricity supplier easily to another one, with the best performance, lowest number and duration of outages. When it comes to power outage, the biggest problem for distribution system operators are reputation, regulations and cost of outage.

When unplanned power outage occurs, companies invest substantial sums of money to fix the damaged equipment and manage the situation with customers, suffering from the loss of power.

At our upcoming conference our participants can discuss about current and upcoming challenges, solutions and innovative trends for the Power Outage Management.

Who Should Attend:

SVPs, VPs, CEOs, Directors, Global Heads, Heads, Team Leaders, Specialists, Managers, Analysts and other
professionals from:

  • Network

  • Operations

  • Asset Management

  • Support

  • Analysis

  • Control

  • Planning

  • Operations and Maintenance / O&M

  • Grid

  • Outage Management

  • Supply Quality

  • Smart Metering

  • Supply

  • Reliability

  • Smart Grids

  • Crisis Management



Key Practical Points:

  • How to best prepare for unplanned power outage
  • Preventing and dealing with power outages
  • How to use analytics for improving the reliability and safety of network operation
  • Assessment and planning
  • Optimization the maintenance, reduce cost, mitigate risk
  • How to deal with you industrial clients

Benefits for Our Attendees:

  • By attending our conference you will get an access to a new solutions for your business development
  • Conduct face-to-face business meetings with decision makers to
    initiate new business projects
  • You will have an opportunity to discuss about industry challenges
    and keynote speaker presentations during speed networking breaks, coffee breaks, business lunches, and cocktail reception
  • Make a business contact with a top leader experts and solution
    providers to solve most of business challenges
  • You will get full access to all event’s presentations and conference materials